The Windmills

Of course, it was the winds that gave birth to the windmills.

The wind inspired the windmills, naturally. With its oceanic and Mediterranean influences, the Lauragais has a relatively localised climate, marked by hot, dry summers and irregular rainfall. With more than 300 windy days per year, the Lauragais is a playground for air masses and, in particular, the two prevailing winds:

the Cers is a north westerly, land wind, dry, cold in winter and hot in summer,

l’Autan, a sea wind from the south-east, hot and humid, sometimes violent. Frequently called ‘the sailor’, ‘the crazy wind’ or even the ‘devil’s wind’, it dominates the Lauragais with gusts of up to 100 to 120 km per hour!
As you travel round our region, don’t miss the mills, two in Villeneuve-la-Comptal and Mas Saintes Puelles, and in Baraigne, Montauriol and Lasbordes.

Moulin de Cugarel
Moulin du Mas Ste Puelles
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