Laurabuc Calvary

Stations of the Cross, at the top of a hill, surrounded by Mediterranean plants, a perfect setting for a walk.

During the 1830s, a wave of cholera epidemics ravaged France, and Castelnaudary and the Lauragais were particularly affected. With many deaths in the area, and worried they would be infected, the parishioners of Laurabuc, along with Father Prosper de Bize, promised to build Stations of the Cross if they were spared. So, the village families, spared from the disease, pooled their resources to finance these 14 Stations of the Cross. At the top of the Calvary is an 1871 chapel next to 3 large crosses.

Beyond the religious aspect, the Laurabuc Calvary is very popular today for its magnificent Mediterranean plants with some rare species, perfect for a stroll….

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