Lasbordes Atarpiece

As you enter the church, this exceptional altarpiece will surprise you. It is almost 10.8m long and 11m high


Inside the 12th century St Christophe church, we can see a very beautiful 17th century altarpiece, listed as an historical monument.

In the 17th century, the bishops wanted to update the dated medieval wall paintings in this church. They commissioned an altarpiece in the Baroque style. Made by the Carcassonne sculptor Jean-Jacques Mélair, in his workshop on rue des Carmes, this work is surprising because of its dimensions: almost 10.8m long and 11m high. In the centre there is a large painting representing St Christopher surrounded by twisted columns decorated with bunches of grapes and vine leaves. On each side, life-size statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, wearing medallions, frame a bas relief.

The altarpiece, in gilded wood, was classified as an Historic Monument in 1910.

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