The Aviation Museum

In the Montagne Noire, overlooking the St Ferréol Lake, we find a museum on the history of aviation.

Gliding began in the Montagne Noire in 1932 with its ideal geographical location overlooking the plain. Formerly a national centre, thousands of trainees passed through and it had an international reputation... Nowadays, it still continues its primary mission of training pilots, and the site is also home to a centre displaying first-rate documents on the history of French aviation. In its Mistral and Mistral II hangars, you can see 11 different light aircraft, from 1932 to 1960, 20 different gliders, from 1932 to 1975, including 7 in flight condition…. and many historical documents.

Conscious of this invaluable heritage, we strive to perpetuate the memory of this iconic aerodrome’s past. The APPARAT association’s main goal is to preserve and restore the treasures of the centre’s heyday: planes, gliders, buildings, and documents (intern boards, guest books, photos, films). In association with VVMN (Vol à Voile Montagne Noire, the site’s gliding club), we continue to bring this special and endearing aerodrome to life.

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