The Seuil de Naurouze

Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. In the Parc de Naurouze with its century-old trees, the waters of the Black Mountain flow into the Canal du Midi at its highest point: the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.


Difficulty: easy
Distance: 2.5 km

Difficulty: caution along the canal.

Markings: 1 to 3: arrows, 3 to 5: white-red, 5 to 1: arrows.

1/ From the exit of the car park, follow the road to the left along the ditch that runs around the dry basin of Naurouze. Go past the old flour mill and reach the plane tree avenue.
2/ Take the footbridge on the right and walk between the plane trees, then find the Rigole.
3/ Continue opposite, passing the guard’s house and the arboretum to reach the ocean lock. Retrace your steps, then walk along the Rigole to the right until you reach the feeder structure. Pass the old lock of the Mediterranean, go to the right until the symbol of the division of the Canal du Midi, and return.
4/ On the way back, cross the footbridge. Walk along the part of the basin that is still wet as far as the pumping station (BRL). Join the mouth of the channel and go up to the old water intake of the flour mill, then return to the mouth.
5/ Turn right, cross the Rigole bridge and follow the D 218. As soon as you cross the tailrace of the old flour mill, take the path on the right. Pass between the canal service buildings and the park of the Maison de l’Ingénieur to reach a crossroads.
6/ Follow the plane tree lined path up to the obelisk dedicated to Pierre-Paul Riquet. Make a U-turn. Go to the car park by turning right at the bottom of the plane tree avenue.
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