Campanile Circuit

Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.   Discover the surprising campanile of La Louvière in the heart of the trap.


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 12 km
Marking: yellow
Difficulty: crossing the D 624


1/ Go down to the D 624, cross it (be careful!), turn right towards the Col de La Louvière.
2/ Take the first road on the left. Shortly after Saint-Jean, go downhill on a dirt track. Pass over the Gardijol stream, turn left and join the D 624, follow it to the left (be careful!) for about 40 m and cross it opposite the entrance to a field.
3/ Turn right and climb the path along a hedge to the left and then to the right. Reach a ridge on a track. Go left, past an old mill and continue along the grassy path until you reach the exit of the Ramier wood (about 4 km).
4/ Before a hedge, turn left. The path passes a house, becomes wider and descends to a small road. Turn left. At the next fork in the road, turn left onto the D407, then continue straight ahead in the valley until you reach the road to Montclus, where there is a grove of poplars.
5/ Turn right onto a wide dirt track that crosses the Gardijol. At the ruined farmhouse (Fiole), turn left, pass the farm buildings and follow the path that leads to the hamlet of Noyer. Cross it and, by the access road, join the D7. Follow the road to the left to reach the village of La Louvière-Lauragais.
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