Around Boutes

Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.   This itinerary undulates through the hills of the Piège, around the Gardijol stream.

Markings: yellow
Difficulties: crossing the D717, steep descent between stages 3 and 4.
1/ Take the path to the right of the cemetery: it goes down through the fields, crosses the Gardijol, then goes up to the Janoutas farm. Then turn left onto the path that leads to the D717 road; take it on the right for 300 m.
2/ Turn left towards Bajoc, Janicou and Pédoc farms. Follow the small road which passes in the middle of the farms. Cross the yard of the last farm.
3/ Go down the slope on the left (quite steep). Cross a stream in the direction of the wood and climb up to the ridge. Take the path on the right down to a small road; take it on the right for about 300 m.
> By the path on the right (private), it is possible to reach the site of Boutes (300 m; signposted): church with a stoup in the shape of a scallop shell (open on occasion, ask at the Mézerville town hall), discoidal crosses, in the cemetery, panorama of the Pyrenees and the Saint Barthélémy peak.
4/ Turn left onto a wide dirt road that leads to the Bérengou farm. Follow the D 171 to the right for about 800 m.
5/ At the right-hand bend, turn left onto a track leading along the edge of the wood to a small ridge road. Go left, then go forward about ten metres to take the path on the right which descends through the woods. Before the old restored farm (Ramon d’ Aigne), the road leads to the right, towards the Gardijol stream, then up (still to the right) towards the Cammas farm.
6/ Turn right, cross the farm and take the ridge road to Mézerville.
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