The Matarelle Farm

For children and anyone who loves animals .

La Matarelle: an enchanted farmyard on 3 ha

La Matarelle: an enchanted farmyard on 3 ha
Let’s hunt for chicken eggs and jump in the muddy puddles!
There are cuddles with the lambs and the frenzied races after the cockerel!
Let’s visit the farm! Attention… it’s a real farm!
Here, they love animals, they’re raised with love and respect. Wearing trainers, we’re ready to clamber over wooden fences and climb on straw bales.

Our destination: la Matarelle. A large park in the middle of the fields… great, the kids will be able to run all that energy off!

The Matarelle farm has about 300 animals including 70 mammals, 5 breeds of equines, 15 breeds of sheep, 3 of cattle, goats and pigs, camels, 10 breeds of hooked-bill birds, as well as farmyard poultry and ducks.

Meet the farmers
Jean-Claude and Patricia give us a warm welcome. They are passionate, their farm and the animals, it’s their whole life. With love and energy, they tell us one or two anecdotes, in particular about their goat, a discreet, nocturnal visitor to their vegetable garden… The kids, overexcited, grab a basket of bread and off we go for an adventure!

Jean-Claude is passionate, he explains very well, takes the time to introduce us to his animals and tells us about the philosophy of this small farm

Meet our big 4-legged friends

Sheep, cows, goats, donkeys and the llama enjoy the calm in their large enclosures. The pigs are rolling around happily in the mud, it’s really funny. We come closer to give them some bread. Our mini-monster hesitates to come forward, with Jeannette the goat trying to nibble on her shoe.  The big one rides a ponyPrincesse… wow, that’s high! Fortunately, we have a good guide. The cattle look massive in front of them.


A poultry house, two children and hundreds of chickens!

On the way to the poultry house. Smitten with the cockerel! Baptiste sets off in pursuit! This cat and mouse game will last a while!  With shining eyes, we discover a surprising collection of pheasants! Mathias, our inexhaustible guide, presents us with Princesse de Galles : a very cute and very talkative little parakeet. The warm colours of the birds, their songs, the shade of the trees… everything is really peaceful here. Except the children, of course, who are having such fun! The heritage vegetables in the vegetable garden smell good… Here we are, we’re hungry!

A snack fit for a king Break at the kids’ area with tasty farm produce. It’s simple but delicious. Tasty and fresh. A real countryside snack, a treat, we enjoy it. From one antic to the next, lots of laughter, the little ones are making the most of the games. It’s like a countryside festival. We take advantage of the farmers’ market. Héloïse and Baptiste choose homemade jam for the tomorrow’s breakfast.
A beautiful, full day with the family. Here we are on our way back, after a lovely afternoon with the family. The little one lets himself be rocked asleep by the car and dreams sweetly. We’ll come back again. That’s for certain.

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